Dr. Donald Resnick’s illustrious career spans more than 40 years, spent primarily at UCSD, where he is Chief of Osteoradiology. He has served as a reviewer or on the editorial board of over 30 peer-reviewed journals, a function he is well suited for, as he has published over 850 peer-reviewed articles in orthopaedic and radiologic literature! Dr. Resnick has authored 25 textbooks and book chapters, and his textbooks Diagnosis of Bone and Joint Disorders (5 volumes) and Internal Derangements of Joints are considered essential components of any musculoskeletal radiology library. He has given over 1200 presentations at national and international scientific and educational meetings. Dr. Resnick has received a multitude of awards, including the Gold Medal from the American Roentgen Ray Society, the Founder’s Medal from the International Skeletal Society, and being named Educator of the Year by the Radiological Society of North America.

The depth of Dr. Resnick’s legacy is immeasurable, as in addition to his body of personal work, he has trained many of today’s leaders in musculoskeletal radiology. To date, over 250 fellows have graduated from Dr. Resnick’s prestigious musculoskeletal radiology program at UCSD. It is with good reason that Dr. Resnick is often referred to as the “father of present-day musculoskeletal radiology.”