Powerful PACS Built by and for Radiologists

ProtonPACS is an ideal solution for radiology practices, offering specialized features to enhance efficiency and performance. With its true PACS-driven workflow and award-winning Intelerad viewing software, ProtonPACS optimizes processes and ensures accurate diagnoses. The software’s intuitive interface and advanced tools improve productivity for radiologists. ProtonPACS also provides industry-leading customer support, ensuring a smooth experience. Its hybrid architecture eliminates downtime, and the cost-effective fee-per-study model makes it accessible to practices of all volumes. Overall, ProtonPACS delivers a comprehensive and efficient radiology PACS solution.

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Radiology PACS Benefits

Seamlessly embedded M*Modal speech recognition

Customizable worklists and reporting tools to maximize efficiency

Remote access, so you can view and read data from anywhere

Secure web portal, which provides instant access for you and referring physicians

Automated report delivery

Reduced legal risk of lost studies with secure data storage including 4 levels of redundancy

Additional Details

Radiology PACS Workflow

ProtonPACS is specifically designed to streamline your workflow, giving you more time to focus on your patients and your practice.

ProtonPACS allows radiologists to accurately and rapidly review studies, create and approve reports and deliver the finished product to referring colleagues. Efficiency is increasingly important in medical imaging, and ProtonPACS is engineered to minimize mouse clicks and dictation time. Plus, the need for paper in your workflow is completely eliminated.


Workflow benefits

  • Customizable worklist profiles that are accessible wherever you login
  • Easily managed workflow between locations or specialties
  • Automatically populated reports, maximizing reporting efficiencies
  • Clinical data, history and prior reports readily viewable within the worklist interface
  • Unlimited cases can be simultaneously opened and dictated partially or completely, which means you never lose your progress
  • Advanced toolset for rapidly optimizing images, changing layouts, measuring critical data points, saving key images and performing reconstructions on the fly
  • Embedded RIS functionality including order generation, report delivery, modality worklist and radiology worklist

Radiology PACS Reporting

In the past, speech recognition made the radiologist’s job more cumbersome. That was before ProtonPACS. Our solution offers integrated speech recognition technology via M*Modal that helps you work faster and more efficiently.


Reporting benefits

  • No manual setup is needed with M*Modal. The engine automatically opens and immediately ties comments and reports to images on the screen, eliminating the possibility of dictating a report on the wrong patient.
  • You can move seamlessly between cases without losing your work.
  • It increases efficiency with customizable templates and prefilled reports.
  • Corrections can be made via voice or routine mouse functions.
  • It greatly reduces report turnaround time and eliminates transcription expenses.
  • It’s easy to learn and use.

Radiology PACS Integration

Our expert implementations team will create any HL7 integrations you require, ensuring data passes freely and cleanly between your systems and ours.


Integration benefits

  • HL7 integration is fast and the process is designed to minimize disruption
  • Seamlessly integrates with any existing EMR, RIS or billing system
  • Eliminates redundant work and reduces errors

How It Works

ProtonPACS gives you the best of both worlds:

  • The speed and reliability of an on-site server
  • Off-site infrastructure and operational expertise provided by Radsource

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