Intuitive PACS Workflow Helps You Focus on Patients

ProtonPACS is a reliable and efficient orthopaedic PACS solution. Its hybrid architecture ensures uninterrupted access to patient data, optimizing workflow efficiency and enabling seamless image retrieval and interpretation.

Orthopaedic professionals can rely on the system’s robust security measures to safeguard patient information, ensuring confidentiality and data integrity.

With ProtonPACS’ cost-effective fee-per-study model, practices can avoid significant upfront investments and allocate resources more efficiently. This allows orthopaedic professionals to prioritize patient care, streamlining their workflow and making informed treatment decisions.

ProtonPACS empowers orthopaedic practices to focus on what matters most – providing exceptional care to their patients — while benefiting from a reliable and technologically advanced PACS solution.

Reach out to our sales team for specifics on how ProtonPACS can improve imaging workflow in orthopaedic practices.


a patient in all white sits on an examination table while a doctor uses both hands to palpate her knee

Orthopaedic PACS Benefits

Intelerad’s fast-loading viewing software with intuitive tools like spine labeling and 3D cursor

Reduced legal risk of lost studies with secure data storage and 4 levels of redundancy

Easy CD importing/burning

Real time sync with the cloud and on-site server, which minimizes downtime

Unrivaled accessibility with unlimited user licenses and smartphone/tablet viewing

Integrated TraumaCad templating available

ProtonXpress, which offers easy importing of outside data and conversion of non-imaging data

HL7 integrations created during implementation

Additional Details

Orthopaedic PACS Workflow

ProtonPACS allows Orthopaedic practices to streamline clinical and support staff workflows allowing more patients to be seen each day. Tight integrations between ProtonPACS with your existing EMR, radiology group or practice management system allow tasks to be completed in a single solution instead of multiple technologies.

ProtonPACS streamlines workflow by allowing you to view studies in real time, from anywhere — your clinic, hospital, home or on the road. It gives you fast access to images any time you need it.


Workflow benefits

  • Images are accessible from anywhere at any time
  • Modality worklist eliminates manual and duplicate entry of patient demographics
  • Easy import of outside data and conversion of non-imaging data into the PACS with ProtonExpress
  • Ability to launch ProtonPACS within EMR via embedded link

Orthopaedic PACS Integration

Our expert implementations team will create any HL7 integrations you require, ensuring data passes freely and cleanly between your systems and ours.


Integration benefits

  • HL7 integration is fast and the process is designed to minimize disruption
  • Seamlessly integrates with any existing EMR, radiology group or practice management system
  • Eliminates redundant work and reduces errors

How It Works

Radsource’s Orthopaedic PACS, ProtonPACS, gives you the best of both worlds:

  • The speed and reliability of an on-site server
  • Off-site infrastructure and operational expertise provided by Radsource

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