ProtonPACS: Exploring the Technical Features

Here you will find a detailed overview of ProtonPACS’ technical characteristics and features. The table below offers in-depth insights into the system’s capabilities, functionalities, and specifications, enabling you to make informed decisions about integrating ProtonPACS into your imaging environment.

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a view over the shoulder of a doctor at a macbook laptop viewing several medical images using the ProtonPACS software

Software Modules

  • Unlimited DICOM modality connections
  • Scalable and fault-tolerant, providing redundancy where included in the architecture
  • Standards-based (DICOM and HL7)
  • Online image storage
  • Web-enabled with SSL encryption
  • ISO certified, FDA approved, CE Mark, TGA certified, Medsafe registered
  • Multi-tier image storage
  • Integrated 24×7×365 remote system monitoring and diagnostics
  • Automated database backups

Web-based Administration

  • System Admin/PACS management and monitoring tools
    • DICOM AE Title management
    • User account and privilege management
    • Auto-routing and pre-fetching configuration
    • Auditing tools
    • Data volume statistics
    • System monitoring dashboard
    • Database search tools
  • Unlimited user access; no restrictions on number of concurrent users
  • SSL-encryption


  • Unlimited user access; no restrictions on number of concurrent users
  • SSL-encryption (excluding DICOM communications)
  • Automated installation and upgrades
  • Images-on-demand via JPEG 2000 (wavelet) streaming
  • User-configurable image compression settings
  • Support for DICOM services and local image caching
  • Roaming user profiles
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Thumbnail display of studies and series with drag-and-drop layout
  • Automated, advanced layout management (hanging protocols)
  • Annotations (text, arrows, reference lines)
  • Measurement tools (linear, ROI, VOI, angle and Cobb-angles)
  • Key images
  • Multi-Planar-Reconstruction (MPR), orthogonal, oblique and double-oblique cut planes
  • Spine labeling and cross-reference display in different slice orientations
  • DICOM printing
  • CD burning and CD importing
  • Report viewer

Workflow Modules

HL7 Interface: We will build our end of any HL7 interface you require.

Automated Remote Monitoring

Proactive monitoring and diagnostics of critical operational software and hardware, 24×7×365.

Customer Service Support

Telephone and email support provided.

Software Upgrades

Upgrades are deployed on an as-needed basis throughout the life of the contract.
  • Radsource employs a formal Change Management process for this and leverages redundancy in the architecture to ensure that any interruptions are minimized or avoided entirely.
  • Minor enhancements and patches are typically deployed through an automated delivery and installation system, after hours.