Partnership with Imaging Clients

When you are a Radsource client, we become a true medical imaging partner. We are responsible for implementing protocols and provide full guidance for medical imaging policies and procedures related to MRI. We are experienced with all MR vendors, and have many relationships with the major vendors on a national level, which increases the leverage of our clients. We serve as a resource for all things radiology, providing assistance in decisions related to PACS, digital x-ray, imaging purchasing, and accreditation.

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in the foreground, a patient undergoes a CT scan, while in the background, two doctors discuss the image on a computer screen. The view is from behind the patient's head, looking out of the CT scanner toward the tech booth where the doctors sit.

Radsource Partnership Benefits

As a key component of your MRI clinical team, Radsource radiologists are always accessible to your technologists, staff, and physicians.

Cell phone and direct line numbers of each of our radiologists are provided to your entire staff, and our dedicated support line is ready to assist with any request.

Our proprietary Radsource wiki includes an abundance of valuable guidance and information, including protocols, illustrations of scanning techniques, contrast information, and safety guidelines.

We provide a server at our expense that speeds and secures image transmission, and even allows our radiologists to monitor your patients in real-time while on the scanner, minimizing the need for call backs and repeat studies.