ProtonPACS: A Unique Hybrid PACS Model

ProtonPACS is the right picture archiving and communication system for any imaging environment because it gives you:

  • Speed and reliability that come with an on-site server
  • Off-site infrastructure and the operational expertise of Radsource
  • A system that’s uniquely engineered to eliminate inefficiency

ProtonPACS is also fully hosted, enhanced and supported at your location and by Radsource data centers.

ProtonPACS is affordable because of its cost efficient, fee-per-study pricing model; its advanced technology builds upon Intelerad PACS software and offers tailored solutions that work in every imaging setting.

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ProtonPACS Benefits

Unique hybrid architecture minimizes downtime

No legal risk of losing images with secure data storage

Low upfront capital investment with flexible pricing

Best in class technology

Customized features to suit any imaging setting needs

Fast implementation with HL7 interfaces included

All hardware included, as well as ongoing maintenance, technical support, licenses and upgrades