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Vanessa Ellis, Administrator

Outpatient Diagnostic Center

After struggling with a slow system that offered very limited features and poor communication between the RIS and PACS, we were thrilled to make the move to ProtonPACS. With advanced imaging tools, plus administrative reporting, referring physician’s portal and many other workflow features, ProtonPACS truly positions our imaging center for growth and success. And I must say that Radsource team has the best group of employees I have ever worked with on an implementation. They are professionals, through and through.

Nate Mathews, Ultrasound Program & Development Manager

Vista Healthcare

With ProtonPACS and the efficient workflow designed by the Radsource team, we have been able to streamline our sonography reporting process and enhance the accuracy of our diagnostic reports. We are thrilled with the exceptional service and support provided by the team, and highly recommend ProtonPACS to any healthcare organization seeking to improve their imaging workflow.


Jeff McPherson, Chief Operating Officer

Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics

Radsource provides us with accurate, clear, and concise interpretations of our patient MRIs and CTs. Beyond simply providing the interpretations, they take additional steps to assist us with internal growth and revenue through the evaluation of our imaging processes, workflow, and maximizing efficiencies. They are a great partner to assist in all areas of our ancillary imaging practices.

Donna Kluttz, Administrator

West Tennessee Bone and Joint

Radsource’s experience and knowledge not only on the PACS front but also on the digital X-ray side were priceless. We saved a considerable amount of money while experiencing none of the headaches.


Tracy Glister, CNMT, Imaging Manager

California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence

Overall, working with Radsource has been a winning experience with a fantastic team. The staff worked with us to find a way to achieve our goals on time. Because of our timeline, we are still migrating from our old system, and every time we have a question, they turn around and provide an answer, helping us create a workflow enabling us to run smoother and more efficiently.

Julia Mauro, General Manager

Vascular Associates of Southern California

The technical support we have received from the Radsource team has been exceptional. ProtonPACS has provided us with secure on-site storage, easy access to our patient’s imaging, and the ability for our clinicians to create custom reports with ease. They have worked diligently to create a customized workflow that addresses the needs of our practice.

Laura Thompson, MRI Tech

Elite Orthopaedic

I want to share the efficiency, speed, and expertise of the PACS Support and Radiologists at Radsource in Nashville, TN. I recently had a patient for an MRI who had metal shavings and dust fall in their face and eyes over the weekend, right before their MRI scan. I knew the patient needed orbital X-rays to be read and cleared by a Radiologist, and yet I also knew these things can take a long time, which could potentially hurt my schedule for the rest of the day. However, I received an email and report in my system in record time, no more than 10 minutes! You cannot get better service! Everyone at Radsource is polite, professional, thorough, and they attend to our needs and give results in record time!


Tracy Glister, CNMT, Imaging Manager

California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence

We added some complications in the beginning of needing to be up and running for reading studies in a much shorter time than is typically required. The fact that we were successful with this project in such a short time, with no interruption in service is directly related to how well the Radsource team work together.

Matt Thibault, Director of IT

Canyon View Medical Group

Before we were using ProtonPACS our providers would always complain about the speed to pull up images, how complicated it was to find prior studies, and just an overly clunky feel to the software that we used. After moving to ProtonPACS, I’ve heard nothing but good things.


Sandra Lyle, Director of Radiology

Washington Regional Medical Center

With ProtonPACS, we now have the security of knowing that we have both the on-site server and Cloud backup, so if anything happens, we can still access patient images. The Radsource team has been great to work with and we made an incredibly smooth transition to the new PACS, even in the middle of the pandemic. Our IT department was very impressed and we are happy with everything.

Rob Showers, IT Director

Rezin Orthopaedics

ProtonPACS offers the best of all worlds; the security and speed of on-site technology coupled with the cost effectiveness and redundancy of the cloud.


Tracy Glister, CNMT, Imaging Manager

California Cancer Associates for Research and Excellence

ProtonXpress is an application that allows us to import documents, associate them with studies, and also to import scans from CDs or from a desktop download, reconciling them to our demographics/MRN. We no longer have to print off prior reports to scan in using an external scanner. The usability of ProtonPACS has significantly improved our workflow and efficiency.

Monica Monnier, Vice President

 Star Radiology

With customizable toolsets and worklists, ProtonPACS was clearly designed by and for radiologists. It accommodates the features we wanted, backed by excellent service and support.