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Radsource is dedicated to providing clinical excellence in subspecialized musculoskeletal and neurological MRI interpretation. We leverage our deep experience as radiologists (and daily PACS users) to deliver our industry-leading PACS solution, ProtonPACS, to hospitals, imaging centers, physician practices, and a wide variety of other medical imaging environments. Our goal is to provide the best possible service to our clients, and we achieve this by combining our exceptional PACS solution with our expertise in MRI interpretation.

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Our Leading PACS Systems Software: ProtonPACS

PACS (picture archiving and communication system) is a medical imaging technology that allows healthcare professionals to digitally store, view, and share medical images, such as X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. ProtonPACS is a leading PACS solution that delivers exceptional reliability, advanced tools, and powerful performance for any imaging environment.

MRI machine and screens showing ProtonPACS software

PACS Solutions for Every Imaging Environment

Radiology PACS

Built by and for radiologists, ProtonPACS is an excellent solution for radiology practices, offering a true PACS-driven workflow that enhances productivity and efficiency, along with advanced tools that improve diagnostic accuracy.

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Orthopaedic PACS

ProtonPACS is ideal for orthopaedic practices, providing Intelerad’s award-winning viewing software, intuitive tools, and fast loading speeds. It ensures secure data storage, reducing legal risk for patient studies.

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Hospital PACS

ProtonPACS is the ultimate solution for hospitals seeking optimal radiology management. Benefit from seamlessly embedded M*Modal speech recognition, customizable worklists, and reporting tools for enhanced efficiency.
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Imaging Center PACS

Imaging centers face many challenges including IT system compatibility, workflow efficiency, and customer service standards. ProtonPACS offers a cost-effective PACS solution with low capital investment, real-time communication, and seamless interoperability.

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Other Specialty PACS

Radsource’s ProtonPACS offers unparalleled versatility and adaptability, making it the perfect choice for a wide range of specialty practices, including OB/GYN, oncology, vascular medicine, veterinary care, and more.

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ProtonPACS Technical Overview

Learn more about ProtonPACS product specifications including software modules, upgrades, monitoring, customer support, and more.

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MRI Interpretation Services

Radsource radiologists have a well-earned reputation for clinical excellence in subspecialized musculoskeletal and neurological MRI. We hire only the best fellowship-trained radiologists with a minimum of three years of clinical experience (although most of our radiologists have 10 years or more). They work in a collaborative environment, interpreting MRI every day. We excel in serving orthopaedic practices and other specialized groups that require highly detailed reporting, meticulous attention to accuracy, and real-time collaboration.

shot from behind of two imaging techs reviewing MRI images in the ProtonPACS software on two computer screens and discussing them

MRI Web Clinics

For nearly two decades, our radiologists have published monthly MRI Web Clinics. Covering a wide range of interesting MR topics and cases, our Web Clinics have grown into an invaluable resource for radiology education all over the world.

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This Month’s Featured MRI Web Clinic

Demyelinating Lesions

Demyelinating Lesions

In the July 2024 Radsource MRI Web Clinic, Dr. Malisa Lester reviews a group of abnormalities affecting the neural axis, in which MRI provides valuable information in establishing the diagnosis.

Demyelinating Lesions

In the July 2024 Radsource MRI Web Clinic, Dr. Malisa Lester reviews a group of abnormalities affecting the neural axis, in which MRI provides valuable information in establishing the diagnosis.

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Radsource Radiologist Experience

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Books and Book Chapters

Lectures at National Meetings

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Books and Book Chapters

Lectures at National Meetings

Radsource PACS Systems Reviews

“I want to share the efficiency, speed, and expertise of the PACS Support and Radiologists at Radsource in Nashville, TN. I recently had a patient for an MRI who had metal shavings and dust fall in their face and eyes over the weekend, right before their MRI scan. I knew the patient needed orbital X-rays to be read and cleared by a Radiologist, and yet I also knew these things can take a long time, which could potentially hurt my schedule for the rest of the day. However, I received an email and report in my system in record time, no more than 10 minutes! You cannot get better service! Everyone at Radsource is polite, professional, thorough, and they attend to our needs and give results in record time!”

Laura Thompson, MRI Tech
Elite Orthopaedic

“My patients love the fact that I can quickly and easily show them their X-ray or MRI images on ProtonPACS. The system has been extremely reliable and easy to use.”

Keith D. Nord, M.D.
Sports Orthopaedic and Spine — Jackson, Tennessee

“Before we were using ProtonPACS our providers would always complain about the speed to pull up images, how complicated it was to find prior studies, and just an overly clunky feel to the software that we used. After moving to ProtonPACS, I’ve heard nothing but good things.”

Matt Thibault, Director of IT
Canyon View Medical Group — Spanish Fork, Utah

“With its advanced visualization tools and budget-friendly pricing model, ProtonPACS has been a win for everyone.”

Glenn Ruga, Director of Radiology
Hansford County Hospital District — Spearman, TX

“ProtonPACS offers the best of all worlds; the security and speed of on-site technology coupled with the cost effectiveness and redundancy of the cloud.”

Rob Showers, IT Director
Rezin Orthopaedics — Morris, Illinois

“Radsource delivers exceptional reports with a uniformity and templating style that make it easy to read and retain the information. They are extremely professional and efficient — responding quickly to STAT reports and keeping turnaround times on target. You simply can’t find a better group of radiologists.”

David Jewell, M.D.
Diagnostic Radiologist — Lafayette, LA

“With customizable toolsets and worklists, ProtonPACS was clearly designed by and for radiologists. It accommodates the features we wanted, backed by excellent service and support.”

Monica Monnier, Vice President
Star Radiology — Oldsmar, FL

“Radsource’s experience and knowledge not only on the PACS front but also on the digital X-ray side were priceless. We saved a considerable amount of money while experiencing none of the headaches.”

Donna Kluttz, Administrator
West Tennessee Bone and Joint — Jackson, Tennessee

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