Leveraging Intelerad’s Top-Ranked Software: Partnership with Radsource and ProtonPACS

Intelerad is a renowned software developer specializing in Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) solutions. As our valued partner, our relationship with Intelerad allows us to play a pivotal role in the development of numerous product features.

Together, we combine the strengths of Intelerad’s software development capabilities with our own development expertise, along with our extensive knowledge as daily PACS operational users. By leveraging this unique partnership, Radsource provides comprehensive solutions and industry-leading customer support, all delivered through a cost-efficient fee-per-study model.

iMac and MacBook mockup displaying a screen from the ProtonPACS Software, powered by Intelerad

Radsource Enhances Intelerad Tools for ProtonPACS

Our collaboration with Intelerad ensures that our clients benefit from cutting-edge technology, seamless integration, and exceptional service throughout their imaging workflow. We are uniquely positioned in the PACS marketplace for 3 reasons:

We offer turnkey PACS

We are daily clinical users of ProtonPACS

We deliver a full service PACS in a fee per study model with low capital investment

Our partnership with Intelerad allows us to be instrumental in the development of many of the product features. We blend the strengths of Intelerad as a software developer with our expertise as PACS operational experts, providing all necessary hardware and industry-leading customer support in a cost efficient, fee-per-study model.