Midlands Orthopaedics & Neurosurgery (MLO) is a multi-specialty medical group with six locations in South Carolina. They provide musculoskeletal and neurosurgical care in a private practice setting, with physicians affiliated with three local hospitals.


MLO faced challenges with their outdated PACS system, including servers running out of space, syncing issues, and corrupted studies. They were concerned about the transition to a new PACS, especially importing a large volume of prior studies.

Customer Story:

When searching for a new PACS vendor, MLO prioritized reliability and ease of use. They chose ProtonPACS for its hybrid model, combining on-site server speed and reliability with cloud-based, fault-tolerant archiving. Kyle Linder, the System Administrator at MLO, highlights the functionality and peace of mind provided by the local and cloud storage.

“From an IT perspective, having everything both locally and in the cloud gave us the functionality we required and the peace of mind we needed.”

– Kyle Linder, System Administrator, Midlands Orthopaedic & Neurosurgery


MLO has been using ProtonPACS for years and implemented it again in 2016 for a sister company’s upgrade. The Radsource team provided training and support, ensuring access to new studies and priors during implementation. ProtonPACS seamlessly resolved syncing issues, unified server usage across sites, and transformed operations from both clinical and IT perspectives.