American Imaging of Southwest Florida (AISWFL) is an imaging center that serves tens of thousands of patients annually throughout the Port Charlotte region. AISWFL offers multiple modalities including CAT, MRI, PET, mammography, and sonograms. Automation plays a crucial role in their operation.


AISWFL identified deficiencies in their existing RIS and PACS systems, leading to revenue concerns and a lack of general efficiencies. They recognized the need for changes to improve their operations.

Customer Story

Forrest Borchardt, AISWFL’s administrator, emphasized the importance of automation and the need to analyze their systems. After thorough analysis and evaluations, MedicsRIS by Advanced Data Systems (ADS) emerged as the preferred choice for their RIS due to its functionality, revenue generation capabilities, and patient payment tools. For their PACS, ProtonPACS from Radsource was selected for its versatility, functionality, ease of use, and tight integration with MedicsRIS.

“Every all-in-one RIS-PACS we saw either had a weak RIS, a weak PACS, or both. Together, MedicsRIS from ADS and ProtonPACS from Radsource represent the ideal imaging suite for us. Both vendors are integrated together so well, it’s almost as seamless as using a single company. Any imaging center would do well to review MedicsRIS and ProtonPACS.” – Forrest Borchardt, AISWFL administrator


The combination of MedicsRIS and ProtonPACS, following the “Best in Breed” approach, has provided AISWFL with an ideal solution. MedicsRIS offers comprehensive management and financial data, analytics, and key performance indicators (KPIs), while ProtonPACS delivers versatility, functionality, and ease of use. The seamless integration between the two systems enhances their workflow and efficiency.