Hansford Hospital is a rural critical access hospital located in Spearman, Texas. With a 15-bed capacity, it serves the healthcare needs of the local community. The hospital performs approximately 3,500 imaging studies annually.


Hansford Hospital faced several challenges with their outdated PACS system. The system was no longer supported by the vendor, leading to reliability issues. They also lacked a modality worklist, resulting in redundant manual data entry on imaging modalities. Additionally, there was no HL7 integration with their teleradiology provider, causing workflow inefficiencies.

Customer Story

Glenn Ruga, the Director of Radiology at Hansford Hospital, emphasized the need for a more automated workflow and integration of systems. They sought a new PACS vendor that could address their challenges and provide seamless integration with their existing infrastructure. ProtonPACS stood out with its advanced visualization tools and budget-friendly pricing model.

“With its advanced visualization tools and budget-friendly pricing model, ProtonPACS has been a win for everyone.”
Glenn Ruga, Director of Radiology, Hansford Hospital


Since implementing ProtonPACS six months ago, Hansford Hospital has experienced marked improvements in speed and reliability. The modality worklist feature automates the passing of order information to imaging modalities, reducing manual data entry. The bidirectional HL7 interface between the hospital’s HIS (Hospital Information System) and radiology group ensures a seamless and efficient workflow. Expert support from Radsource during the phased implementation and go-live process contributed to a successful transition. The hospital has received high satisfaction feedback from referring physicians and administration.

Overall, ProtonPACS has provided Hansford Hospital with an integrated solution that addresses their challenges, improves workflow efficiency, and delivers advanced visualization tools. The financial results have been favorable, as the hospital transitioned from a costly capital expense to an affordable monthly fee structure.