Radsource Helps ProtonPACS Clients Prepare for Hurricane Matthew

Oct 6, 2016


Hurricane Matthew’s predicted path

As residents and businesses in Florida and along the southern Atlantic seaboard brace themselves for Hurricane Matthew, Radsource is taking proactive steps to protect PACS hardware, software and data for our ProtonPACS clients in the affected regions.

We’ve taken the following steps to limit downtime and put our clients in a position to recover as quickly as possible in the event of a system outage:

  1. Prepare standby servers that could be used as replacements in case client servers are damaged.
  2. Review monitoring intervals for potentially affected sites to gather as much system insight as possible.
  3. Monitor predictions from the National Hurricane Center in order to proactively adjust our responses.
  4. Call each customer in the impacted areas to ask a series of critical questions including details regarding contingency and evacuation procedures that might include shutting down or relocating PACS hardware.
  5. Proactively update data backups and verify off-site data copies are complete.
  6. Preemptively shut down servers in directly impacted locations.

Additionally, we are establishing a communication plan with each customer to determine how they will inform us in the event of a planned or forced evacuation. We are also identifying a key contact at each facility who will shut down the server if we lose connection.

It is our goal to be proactive and do everything we possibly can to help our ProtonPACS clients protect their PACS and critical patient data. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and be prepared to respond quickly when needed.

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