Radsource Finishes 2022 Strong with 15 ProtonPACS Installations

Jan 18, 2023

protonPACS logoNashville, Tenn. – Radsource, a leader in radiology clinical services and provider of Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), finished the second half of 2022 strong with 15 new installations of ProtonPACS.

Radsource launched instances of our premier PACS software for new clients, as well as expanding and completing project work for existing customers nationwide. Among the new clients onboarded was a musculoskeletal practice in West Virginia; a family medicine clinic in Utah; a private physician practice in Texas; and an imaging center in Missoula, Montana.

Montana Imaging Center is a state-of-the-art imaging center in Missoula, MT. Radiologist Dr. Timothy McCue opened the center in 2022 because he saw a need for more affordable MRI imaging with shorter wait times in the Western Montana region. To meet the goals of the new practice – faster diagnoses and better patient care – Dr. McCue needed a reliable and efficient PACS. After reviewing several options, he selected ProtonPACS and went live with the software in late 2022.

“The Radsource team made sure our implementation of ProtonPACS was smooth and seamless. We had several successful training sessions and we were provided detailed documentation for reference,” says Dr. McCue. “I am super happy with how things are going and with everything Radsource has installed and supported.”

On the clinical side, the Radsource radiology practice has experienced more success and growth, adding four new radiologists to the practice. We also welcomed back a former client, Tennessee Orthopaedic Clinics (TOC), who returned to Radsource after suboptimal results with a lower cost radiology provider.

“Radsource provides us with accurate, clear, and concise interpretations of our patient MRIs and CTs.  Beyond simply providing the interpretations, they take additional steps to assist us with internal growth and revenue through the evaluation of our imaging processes, workflow, and maximizing efficiencies,” states Jeff McPherson, COO of TOC. “They are a great partner to assist in all areas of our ancillary imaging practices.”

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