Radsource Announces New Website Design

Nov 6, 2014

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Radsource, LLC, a provider of MRI interpretation services and of ProtonPACS, has launched a new website at www.radsource.us.

The new website combines the company’s two business focuses of MRI interpretation and PACS onto one platform, thus unifying its brand and messaging.  The site features an enhanced MRI Web Clinic that allows users to search archived clinics by topic as far back as March of 2003.  In addition, a new blog will present a wide range of content including featured cases and PACS news.

“Our refreshed website design highlights the commitment at Radsource to our three important tenets of quality, service and technology.  We are looking forward to sharing more of our experiences with the radiology and PACS industries through our blog,” stated Dr. Mark Awh, President of Radsource.

The site content highlights ProtonPACS and offers detailed information on how the PACS is unique and well suited for Radiology, orthopaedic, Hospital and Other Specialty settings.  Visitors can view a video on how the hybrid architecture of ProtonPACS works to minimize downtime and read about the company’s partnership with Intelerad.  There are also case studies that further describe the beneficial impact of ProtonPACS which provides state of the art image storage, viewing and voice recognition features without the capital investment, licensing fees and upgrade charges that come with other PACS.

The company’s previous ProtonPACS website will redirect to the main Radsource site.  More information can be found on the website at www.radsource.us.

About ProtonPACS

By combining Intelerad’s #1 KLAS rated PACS software with all of the necessary PACS hardware, guaranteed secure archiving, proactive support, and our always-on hybrid architecture, ProtonPACS delivers a fully functional and flexible PACS solution in a cost effective fee per study model.  The service is fully managed and maintained by the ProtonPACS team, greatly reducing your IT needs, and is uniquely engineered for maximum speed and the elimination of downtime. ProtonPACS is fully regulatory compliant and seamlessly communicates with any practice management system or EMR. Contact ProtonPACS today by calling 615-376-7502, emailing [email protected] or visiting www.radsource.us/protonpacs.

About Radsource

Radsource is the leading provider of subspecialized MRI interpretations to the outpatient orthopaedic and neurological markets.  Based on the success earned in the subspecialized interpretation arena, Radsource has developed a unique understanding of the functional and operational needs of picture archival and communication systems. The result is ProtonPACS, a cutting-edge, worry-free solution.


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