Radiology Rewind Fridays: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

Nov 3, 2023

Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen, born in 1845, was a pioneer of modern medicine. In 1895, his serendipitous discovery of X-rays while experimenting with cathode rays changed the course of history. Roentgen’s innovation allowed us to peer inside the human body without invasive procedures, leading to the birth of radiology.

His very first X-ray image of his wife’s hand unveiled the incredible potential of this breakthrough. Soon, X-rays were being used to diagnose fractures, locate foreign objects, and revolutionize medical diagnostics. Roentgen’s groundbreaking work earned him the first Nobel Prize in Physics in 1901.

Beyond medicine, X-rays found applications in security screening and industrial testing. Roentgen’s legacy lives on, as his innovation remains a cornerstone of modern imaging technology. Though he passed away in 1923, Roentgen’s insatiable curiosity and his fortuitous moment in a dimly lit laboratory continue to shape the world of science and medicine.

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