ProtonPACS: Grant Access Feature

Mar 6, 2017

Radsource’s custom-developed client access portal is one of our most popular features for PACS clients. This portal provides an easy, simple and secure way for our clients to access final reports through any web browser. The portal’s integrated Thin Viewer gives physicians the ability to view studies anywhere, at any time, and it works on any mobile device or computer – no software to download or install!

Recently, we added a new feature to our portal which has received rave reviews from clients. The “Grant Access” feature allows clients to give access to specific studies and reports to referring physicians outside of their organization. This eliminates the inefficient and time-consuming process of setting up secure fax lines to share reports and the sometimes onerous and expensive efforts of burning studies to a CD. Now, with a few simple clicks, you can allow other medical professionals to view specific studies, with the confidence of knowing that the images are safe and encrypted. Beyond the referring physician, the Grant Access feature can be used to provide secure access to studies and reports for multiple medical professionals involved in the continuation of care.

When sharing reports through the portal, they are professionally formatted and include the client’s logo and branding. This feature is also very popular as it increases the brand awareness and professional look of our client’s practices.

The Grant Access feature helps our clients deliver the best possible patient care by allowing them to share secure patient information quickly and more efficiently. It enhances productivity, reduces the risk of human error and improves the patient experience. With ProtonPACS, all upgrades and enhancements are free. We will be rolling this feature out to existing clients and including it in all new ProtonPACS installations going forward.

See examples of the Grant Access functionality from the portal screenshots below.

Grant Access_1

Click on the lock column in the patient search to grant access.



Grant Access_2

Search for the user to whom you would like to grant access.



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