Hurricane Season: Protecting your PACS

Sep 8, 2017

As we are experiencing a dangerous and unpredictable hurricane season, we wanted to remind our customers and colleagues about the steps we take to protect your PACS and critical patient data. As soon as a dangerous storm is predicted, Radsource quickly initiates the following steps:

1.  Prepare standby servers that could be used as replacements in case client servers are damaged.
2.  Review monitoring intervals for potentially affected sites to gather as much system insight as possible.
3.  Monitor predictions from the National Hurricane Center in order to proactively adjust our responses.
4.  Establish a communication plan with each customer to include details on contingency operations and evacuation procedures.
5.  Proactively update data backups and verify off-site data copies are complete.
6.  Preemptively shut down servers in directly impacted locations.
7.  Constantly monitor developments and adjust appropriately.

It is our goal to be proactive and do everything we possibly can to help our ProtonPACS clients protect their PACS, limit downtime and expedite recovery. We will continue to be vigilant throughout this hurricane season and be prepared to respond quickly when needed.

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