ProtonPACS Keeps Systems Running Despite Power Outage


When the orthopaedic practice experienced a power outage, the ProtonPACS hybrid architecture enabled the site to continue to operate as normal with minimal downtime.

As an IT Consultant, Susan Blasi of SMB Consulting, LLC, advises clients on IT strategies, support, software and hardware.  In 2013, Blasi selected and implemented Radsource’s ProtonPACS not only for the ease of use and fast access to images, but also for the IT support and architecture of the solution.  The Orthopaedic PACS hybrid architecture consisting of an onsite server coupled with offsite cloud storage and real time synch allowed Blasi to be confident that the PACS would experience minimal downtime and that images would be backed up with four levels of redundancy.

PACS downtime results in inefficiencies and negatively impacts patient care.  Unfortunately, it is not an uncommon occurrence for many practices that rely on either a cloud based solution or an onsite server solution. As reported in July of 2014, “For most patient cases in acute care, imaging information is vital. Whereas staff may be rather creative in surviving downtime of the administrative systems, a PACS lights-out scenario tends to be challenging,” said German PACS expert Joachim Zaers.

It’s vital for practices to have a plan for downtime scenarios and to test their effectiveness routinely.  Susan Blasi and the orthpaedic practice in New Jersey put their plan into action one morning when they had a power outage that disabled on of the hard drives in their onsite PACS server. ProtonPACS was able to seamlessly transition the system to run off of another drive supported by the cloud architecture so that they did not experience significant downtime.  In addition, the onsite server was fully restored by the end of the day.

“Another high five for the ProtonPACS IT team. The turnaround on this issue was outstanding! My blood pressure never raised a blip…Thank you to your team. I couldn’t have asked for anything better!”  

Susan Blasi, SMB Consulting with an orthopaedic practice in New Jersey

The best solution for inevitable unplanned downtime is to select an Orthopaedic PACS vendor with hybrid architecture that can support outages caused by hardware failure, power outages or other issues. In addition, a proactive and responsive IT support team is key to being able to restore functionality quickly. Ensure your next PACS vendor has both of these elements to safeguard against PACS downtime.



By combining Intelerad’s #1 KLAS rated PACS software with all of the necessary PACS hardware, guaranteed secure archiving, proactive support, and our always-on hybrid architecture, ProtonPACS delivers a fully functional and flexible Orthopaedic PACS solution in a cost effective payment model.  The service is fully managed and maintained by the ProtonPACS team, greatly reducing your IT needs, and is uniquely engineered for maximum speed and the elimination of downtime. ProtonPACS is fully regulatory compliant and seamlessly communicates with any practice management system or EMR. Contact ProtonPACS today by calling 615-376-7502, emailing [email protected] or visiting



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