1. David Jewell, M.D.

    Radsource delivers exceptional reports with a uniformity and templating style that make it easy to read and retain the information. They are extremely professional and efficient — responding quickly to STAT reports and keeping turnaround times on target. You simply can’t find a better group of radiologists.

  2. Matt Thibault, Director of IT

    Before we were using ProtonPACS our providers would always complain about the speed to pull up images, how complicated it was to find prior studies, and just an overly clunky feel to the software that we used. After moving to ProtonPACS, I’ve heard nothing but good things.

  3. Monica Monnier, Vice President

    With customizable toolsets and worklists, ProtonPACS was clearly designed by and for radiologists. It accommodates the features we wanted, backed by excellent service and support.

  4. CEO

    Our doctors have remarked on the improvement in our MRI service, both clinically and operationally.

  5. Fred Emrick, MD

    The integration of the dictation system within ProtonPACS is seamless and highly efficient.  I was able to easily use the voice recognition from day one, and have been 100% voice recognition since inception.  ProtonPACS is remarkably easy to use and lightning fast.

  6. David Jewell, MD

    Since our outpatient center converted to ProtonPACS, I have experienced a dramatic improvement in my ability to read my studies efficiently.  The voice recognition system is far superior to the one I used with my prior PACS.  The customer support for ProtonPACS is far more personal, professional and timely. I am extremely pleased with ProtonPACS.

  7. Maria Mitchell

    Radsource and their dedicated team worked tirelessly and had me up and running on ProtonPACS in less than 24-hours. Radsource truly saved the day!

  8. J.P. Crawford, COO

    Radsource and their implementation team made the transition seamless. Their execution exceeded expectations.

  9. Mike Topielec, Administrator

    Every day I hear from one of my physicians about how much they love the usability and functionality of the viewer. The all-inclusive fee-per-study model is so straightforward; I never have to worry about being hit with a service or upgrade fee.

  10. Donna Kluttz, Administrator

    Radsource’s experience and knowledge not only on the PACS front but also on the digital X-ray side were priceless. We saved a considerable amount of money while experiencing none of the headaches.

  11. Nick Russell, Administrator

    Radsource promised an exceptional product, and they have delivered 110%. I am continually impressed with their attitude and support. The Radsource team has raised the bar.

  12. Rob Showers, IT Director

    ProtonPACS offers the best of all worlds; the security and speed of on-site technology coupled with the cost effectiveness and redundancy of the cloud.

  13. Keith D. Nord, M.D.

    My patients love the fact that I can quickly and easily show them their X-ray or MRI images on ProtonPACS. The system has been extremely reliable and easy to use.

  14. Michael Schutte, MD

    Since converting to ProtonPACS, I am able to do my work significantly faster.