How it works


ProtonPACS: Unique Hybrid PACS Model

ProtonPACS gives you:

  • The speed and reliability of an on-site server
  • Off-site infrastructure and operational expertise provided by Radsource

Hybrid Architecture Benefits

  • Our system mirrors your user preferences, workflow and all other critical enterprise data for each study.
  • You never lose access to any of your data.
  • Your on-site server and offsite storage automatically sync with each other for real-time collaboration.
  • You can quickly and easily manage the viewing of your studies.
  • Additional features include: performance image viewer, advanced search functionality, and cloud computing which improves security, scalability and mobility


PACS architecture comparison

  • On-site server
  • Local data storage
  • In-house IT support
  • Off-site server
  • Off-site data storage
  • In-house OR outsourced IT support
  • On-site server
  • Off-site server and cloud data storage
  • IT support included in per study fee
Capital Expenses
  • Software licenses
  • Hardware
Typically a pay-as-you-go subscription pricing planNONE
ProtonPACS provides all hardware and software as part of per-study fee
Ongoing SupportIn-house IT support needed for:

  • Ongoing upgrades
  • Hardware maintenance
  • Hardware replacement
  • Network monitoring
  • Application troubleshooting
Can be included or offered as add-on serviceALL INCLUDED
in per-study fee
ScalabilityTo give more resources access you must purchase:

  • Additional software licenses
  • Supporting hardware
  • Can be included
  • Additional licenses may be required for new users and workstations
For no additional fee you can add new:

  • Users
  • Locations
Image Access
  • Access images on local server
  • If the server is down, images are not accessible
  • Access images via secure Internet connection
  • If Internet is down, images are not accessible
Access all images easily, even when the local server or Internet is down.
Data Storage
and Disaster Recovery
In-house IT typically archives images on local hardware and maintains 2 copiesSolutions are available for additional feesIncluded :

  • 2 off-site data centers
  • 4 levels of redundancy